Complimentary & Alternative Health by Dr Steve Bratman


The book is endorsed by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA), the largest professional membership body for complementary medical practitioners in the world.

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The last word on complementary medicines and treatments, allowing you to take control of your health by telling you the pros, cons and proven efficacy of all the options. There are many safe ways to treat your family’s health problems without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. But alternative medicines can also be a minefield. Do you know all the options? Are they safe? Do they really work? This guide allows you to treat your family’s health problems safely and effectively, whether you prefer to do so in conjunction with conventional medicines, or instead of them. It is split into four sections, so you can look up: / A condition you might have, such as arthritis, cancer, or eczema / Any herbs and supplements that you might have heard of or taken already, such as fish oil or evening primrose oil / Any conventional medicines you are taking to check whether there are any drug interactions / Any alternative therapies you might consider, such as acupuncture or massage

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